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Experienced division order analysts to assist your land team

Work with experienced division order analyst team that supports your land administration efforts, from owner maintenance to full support.

Enverus Division Order Analyst Services

Enverus Division Order Analysts are certified professionals that assist your existing land team, acting as supplemental support to existing internal division order teams or as sole support to an internal land administration team. Our analysts have years of industry experience and can support a variety of activities including business associate maintenance, full support, lease and title analysis or special projects.


Benefits of Enverus Order Analyst Services

Improve Staff Productivity

Lower Staffing Costs

Outsourcing division analyst support lowers the cost of staffing an in-house land administration team.

Improve Cost Management

Increase Flexibility

Execute important special projects, like unclaimed property or escheated due diligence, while your in-house team focuses their daily work.

Easily Ramp Up for Peak Demands

Improve Team Productivity

Give more time back to your internal team to focus on critical high-value tasks, while our experts perform division order analysis.

Available Division Order Analyst Services

Business Associate Maintenance

  • Set up wells and decks
  • Track down unknown owners and resolve suspense issues
  • Escheat due diligence
  • Assisting A&D with BA and deck due diligence and set up


Special Projects

  • Set up wells and decks
  • Track down unknown owners and resolve suspense issues
  • Escheat due diligence
  • Assisting A&D with BA and deck due diligence and set up


Full Support

Division order analyst acts as a full-time outsourced analyst performing all land administration activities for an operator.

Ownership maintenance: Process and maintain title changes including (not limited to):

  • Transfer of property between owners, estates, trusts corporations, partnerships, etc.
  • Company mergers and name changes
  • Guardianships, liens, etc.
  • Initiate curative or title suspense
  • Track down unknown owners and resolve suspense issues



  • Division order title opinion and JOA analysis
  • Provide a DOI identifying RI, ORRI, WI, NPRI, etc. Interest owners in a producing unit
  • Set up well/unit DOI APO, BPO,  JIB and Rev decks (as well as Partners who TIK)
  • Set up burden groups
  • Designate deducts and taxes
  • Review clouds on title and work with landman to identify which requirements should be waved or tracked and resolved
  • Send out and track division orders for signature (for states that require signature)


Lease and Title Analysis

All full-service activities plus:


  • Analyze and set up Leases, ROW, and other contracts
  • Set up and track Payment Obligations according to Lease/contract provisions
  • Provide upcoming Lease payment obligations to Landman/Client
  • Pay obligation or file release of Lease (Could use Print/mail for lease checks?)
  • Update lease status
  • Identify leases/acreage in a producing unit
  • Identify RI Owner and obligations for pooling designations

“Outsourcing services is a great way to bring efficiencies to oil & gas accounting teams. Our owner support from Enverus runs like a well-oiled machine. My team is happy.”

Kelly Davis, Controller, Camino Natural Resources

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