Explore the Enverus Partner Program and get more value from your Enverus subscription

The Enverus Partner Program is a network of industry-leading organizations providing solutions and integrations that expand the functionality of a Enverus subscription. Through tight collaboration with our partners, Enverus leads the industry in showcasing innovative tools and data sets that enable a broad range of customer workflows.

B3 Insight

B3’s Enverus Connector integrates your Enverus subscription data with B3’s oilfield water intelligence, all in one intuitive platform. Access unrivaled, automated, updated industry data and leverage powerful analytics in B3’s platform to deliver actionable insight.

Conduit Resources

The Energy Data Conduit for Enverus provides full access to your Enverus subscription on your network; updated daily and accessible to analysis software that you already own. The data is presented in a map-based SQL Server DB along with vendor subscription data from other third-party providers.


EnergyIQ solutions help customers improve organizational efficiency, productivity and effectiveness based on trusted data, automated workflows and advanced analytics. EnergyIQ and Enverus collaborated on a loader for Enverus data into EnergyIQ’s solutions.


Enverus Geodata map and feature services are available based on ESRI protocols. Leading energy companies around the world use the ArcGIS platform for mapping and spatial analysis to better manage resources as they increase production, optimize workflows, and mitigate risk.


Landdox is a cloud-based Land Management System where you can manage, visualize, and report on leasehold and mineral rights. As a mutual customer of Enverus and Landdox, you can access Enverus data and layers within Landdox, getting essential Enverus info right in your land system. With one click access from Landdox to the Enverus Web App you can access all of your Enverus products, significantly streamlining your work.


LiquidFrameworks offers the FieldFX® product suite as a mobile field operations management solution. Enverus customers can utilize Enverus well data to populate their well database within FieldFX®.

MOSAIC by Quorum Software

MOSAIC™ by Quorum Software delivers insight with reserves management, petroleum economics, budgeting, capital planning, and decline analysis. Through a connector with Enverus, customers can utilize Enverus production data directly in the MOSAIC application.


PetroDE’s oilfield intelligence platform allows users to make decisions quickly and with confidence by combining Enverus’ industry-leading data with proprietary data and other 3rd party data. Customers analyze dynamically updated data from multiple sources on a single geospatial platform to find the answers in real-time.


PHDWin is an economic and decline curve analysis program. PHDWin offers evaluators a tool that combines an intuitive interface with sophisticated functionality. Enverus offers an export designed to easily upload into PHDWin.

Q Engineering

Q Engineering is a cloud-based software company that specializes in solutions for Reservoir Engineers, Business Development Engineers, and professionals in the M&A space. Q Engineering works in tandem with Enverus’ DIBI (Enverus Business Intelligence Cloud Database) to streamline your workflow.


For years, Rextag has been a leading provider of GIS data, products and services to the energy industry. Rextag is owned by Hart Energy, one of the largest energy information companies in the US. Rextag and Enverus have now combined data sets into an expansive new Midstream GIS solution called Enverus Midstream Infrastructure.


Transect is an online tool that provides instant answers to environmental due diligence issues so customers can save time, save money, and proceed with their project in confidence. Customers can stream Enverus data into the Transect platform to provide greater context for their environmental analyses.


Verdazo Analytics help you optimize development strategies, visualize how drilling impacts all aspects of a well’s lifecycle, and optimize completion designs with multivariate analysis. By accessing Enverus data within the Verdazo platform, you can analyze your performance in the context of nearby operator activity, engineering best practices and area-specific or macro trends.

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