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ProdCast is a production forecasting tool that includes a guidance-based forecast for more than 70 operators, taking into account CAPEX, number of wells drilled/completed, etc. and calculates operator-level break-even economics.
Using ProdCast, traders or their supporting analysts can adapt to rapidly changing market conditions by quickly testing the impact of varying price levels on U.S. crude oil, natural gas, and NGL production. Balance models can be designed to incorporate these results, which can be tailored to various levels of analysis (e.g. field, basin, PADD, national). It also forecasts long-term production based on 300+ breakouts of producing areas across the country down to the Basin/Play/Subplay/Tier level. This interactive forecasting solution allows you to run your own scenarios with your own inputs for key forecast variables in order to better understand and quantify forecast sensitivities.
Beyond fundamental analysis, traders can use ProdCast as a market intelligence tool. With ProdCast, a trader can determine how much production volume to anticipate from specific upstream counterparties and even anticipate changes to the quality makeup of their product (such as the API gravity of crude, liquids content of gas, and composition of raw mix NGL). 
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