Canadian Stage-by-Stage Completion Data – Plugging Along


What would you do if you had stage-by-stage data for an entire basin? At Enverus we use the data from over 5,000 Canadian unconventional wells, including data from over 175,000 stages, to complete detailed multivariate analysis that identifies the most influential completions variables to optimize production results. Interestingly, there was a clear bifurcation of results when comparing isolation methodology; variables like stage spacing are highly influential for one method but are replaced by injection rates in another.

Many applications for optimization are possible. For example, this detailed stage-by-stage data allows us to take a deep dive into fracture plug performance across multiple Canadian unconventional basins. The information set includes details on the plug and perforation process including type of plug installed, depth, test results and type of failure. Figure 1 shows results of ~57,000 plugs set in Canadian unconventional plays since 2018. The top three plug providers account for ~70% of market share and are among the most reliable at a 99.5% success rate.

Milling times for companies included on this list range from seven minutes per plug across 234 installed plugs to as high as an average of 34 minutes over 68 plugs that had several “less than optimal” plug and mill combinations. The three leading plug providers averaged mill times of 11-13 minutes per plug. Additionally, this dataset can be used to identify optimal plug and mill combinations.

FIGURE 1 | Plugs Installed by Manufacturer and Failure Rate



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