2019.9 CDS – OptiFlo Enverus Trading & Risk | Webinar Replay

The Second Wave: More LNG Terminals Hitting the Market Webinar Replay

Prior to the Shale Revolution, the U.S. gas industry faced fears of supply scarcity and envisioned LNG imports as the solution to meet growing demand. Explosive growth in unconventional gas production turned this notion on its head rendering LNG import facilities unnecessary, many of which subsequently converted to export facilities. With supply growth continuing to outpace domestic demand, the U.S. has become a net exporter and only expects this trend to continue.
Enverus Trading and Risk hosted a webinar on Thursday, Sept. 26, 2019 where Ashton Dirks, Energy Analyst discussed:
  • The state of the first wave of export projects
  • The performance of those export projects and the impact to date
  • A look into upcoming projects and what the potential impact may be
 2019.9 CDS – OptiFlo Enverus Trading & Risk | Webinar Replay

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