2019.5 Business Automation – Process Automation OpenTicket Webinar

Ditch the Paper: How Digital Field Tickets are Transforming Business Processes for Oil & Gas

Paper field tickets present a host of issues including loss, delayed approval times, travel risk, and manual data entry that leads to errors.

Digital field tickets greatly improve processes and lower workload in the field and in the office for operators and suppliers.

In this webinar replay, learn about the benefits of digital field tickets for operators and suppliers, see the OpenTicket digital field ticket software in action, and learn about exciting future product developments that will created greater efficiencies.

With OpenTicket, operators experience:

  • Reduced field ticket review and approval times
  • Increased employee safety from reduced travel
  • Real-time access to operations and cost data for more accurate cost estimates
  • A better understanding of spend and the ability to detect fraud
  • Less effort to compare field tickets to invoices

Suppliers that use OpenTicket experience:

  • Shorter time between service delivery and field ticket approval
  • Faster payment
 2019.5 Business Automation – Process Automation OpenTicket Webinar

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