2019.9 OFS – Completions Webinar | Webinar Replay

Operator And Completion Trends: Get the Information You Need to Grow Your Business

Do you want to understand where completion activity is happening to find opportunities? How quickly could you grow your completions business if you knew what your market share is in your area?

Using the Delaware Basin as an example, we examine where the highest level of completions are happening. We will also look at the most successful operators’ material types, proppant type, volumes, and which pressure pumpers and suppliers are working on these wells. Finally, we analyze the spacing of these wells to see if the parent or child wells are producing better. 

In this webinar replay, you’ll learn:

  • Where is the most significant concentration of completions happening over the last 18 months? Using the Delaware basin as an example, see a workspace with OFS Premiere showing a concentration of completions over last 18 months, who is doing them, and what operators are active.
  • Who are the operators doing the most completions in these areas?
  • What are the completion trends in these areas? See a leasing heat map through our Engineering solution that shows what operators are using to complete the wells.
  • What type of completions are happening and how much volume of material is being used? How to see market share of your peers in a region, what they’re pumping, and how much they are pumping.
  • What service companies are doing the completions and which service companies are supplying the material?
  • What is the effect of these completions over time, and how does that affect production?
  • What are the spacing trends and impact of parent and child on well development? 

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