2019.10 Business Automation Payables-AR Financing Webinar (10/1) | Webinar Replay

FundThrough and OpenInvoice: A Safe, Secure Way for Suppliers to Get Paid Faster

Cash is critical for suppliers, which why we partnered with an invoice funding provider who can offer suppliers an affordable and secure way to get paid faster. 

FundThrough, the official preferred partner for AR Financing through OpenInvoice, offers suppliers a quick, safe, convenient, and transparent way to fund invoices online with affordable rates and is simple for your buyers.

In this ondemand webinar, learn how this service will benefit you as a supplier.

FundThrough Facts:
  • Five Star Google Rating
  • FundThrough is a self-driven online invoice funding platform 
  • Suppliers choose which invoices to fund (no minimum requirements)
  • Invoices advance directly to the supplier within 24 hours
  • Suppliers are in control and can revoke the invoice assignment at any time

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