2019.10 Business Auto October-Process Automation-OpenTicket (10/29) | Webinar Replay

Digital Field Tickets: Get Rid of Paper & Transform Your E&P Business with Automation and Analytics

Paper field tickets present a host of issues including loss, delayed approval and processing times, travel risk, lack of data for analysis, fraud, and manual data entry that leads to errors.
Yet they are still pervasive across the entire oil & gas industry.
Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how digital field tickets significantly improve processes and lower workload in the field and the office for operators and suppliers.
In this video, you will learn how:
  • Digital field tickets reduce the risk of traffic accidents by taking your workers off the road
  • Processing times can be reduced from 34+ days to just a few days
  • By using digital field tickets, you become a data-driven company with valuable insights that help with things like fraud detection and spend
  • Automatic compliance checks reduce errors

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