2019.7 Midstream Parent-Child Spacing Webinar [Replay]

The Parent-Child Issue: Determining the Future Effects of Well Spacing on Your Area of Interest

An Example Using the Permian Basin

The “parent-child” issue is surfacing in shale hot spots across the U.S. 
The number of child wells in the Permian now make up half of all wells and will steadily grow, according to Schlumberger Ltd. 
There are many theories on how this issue will affect future production and growth in the market, so what’s the real deal? See how Drillinginfo’s comprehensive data set and tools analyze future production, development, and volume forecasts in your area of interest.
Using the Permian Basin as an example, you will learn how to answer questions like:
  • What is the impact of parent/child and infill wells on productivity?
  • What does this imply for well-level economics?
  • How does this translate to volume forecasts for a midstream system? What is the volume risk?
  • How does the lower productivity impact development plans, especially in a world where E&Ps are focused on return to shareholders instead of growth?

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