2019.9 Midstream – Completions Webinar | Webinar Replay

Bringing Midstream Workflows into the Future

Would you like to understand the full capabilities of the DI Midstream Solution for faster data analysis?
We will provide a detailed view of how to leverage midstream data sets to perform high-value strategic analysis. If you’re unfamiliar with the DI Midstream solution, see how our application provides an accurate view of all the data you need in one single platform for faster analysis.
In this webinar replay, you’ll learn:
  • DI Desktop (HPDI) won’t be around forever – Learn how to access features you care about in the web ap
  • Do I want to partner with this operator? Benchmark a company’s production profile compared to its peers
  • Save Time and Button Clicks – Create work spaces to streamline recurring workflows
  • What’s happening around my pipeline? – Visually identify production success and set up activity deliverables in your AOIs
  • I see a permit. Now what? – Forecasting EURs for new wells based on real production data
  • I Live in Excel – Streaming data directly into Your go-to interface

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