2019.11 Upstream – Generating Value Through Time | Webinar Replay

Generating Value through Time – How to Make Screening Deals Faster your Winning Strategy

With asset evaluation everyone has the same goal–it must be fast, be repeatable, and be unbiased. This is easier said than done when faced with a time crunch and disparate data–but getting this right can mean millions for your business strategy. Join Enverus Drillinginfo valuation expert, Sarp Ozkan will walk you through how top performing companies tackle a valuation exercise quickly, and use this to build value. Sarp will walk you through: 

  • Evaluating the relative value of an area that the asset is in through tiering
  • Understanding volumes and associated economics of drilling in the area
  • Taking the exercise further to evaluate operator performance in an area and forecast future PDP and PUD volumes

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