2019.10 CDS – CurveBuilder | Webinar Replay

Forward Curves – Your Secret Weapon? | Webinar Replay

What would it mean to you if you could deliver faster, real-time, more accurate results from your Forward Curves?
Listen to our webinar replay now to hear Ben Golden from Enverus Trading & Risk shed light on how you can transform your Forward Curve strategy, with examples of how different companies are doing this today.
He will also introduce Enverus’ CurveBuilder solution, revealing how the solution can deliver real benefits to you every single day.
Who should listen?
• Risk managers interested in auditable process automation, reducing errors, and reducing biases in their end-of-day 
• IT interested in moving from a custom, difficult to support process to configured automation  
• Head of Trading interested in faster end-of-day or intra-day process for P&L and VAR
 2019.10 CDS – CurveBuilder | Webinar Replay

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