2019.10 Retention – Web Injection | Webinar Replay

New Injection-Data-Focused Workflows

Join us to learn about the upgraded injection data now available in Enverus Drillinginfo which can be quickly located via customized filters and analyzed using maps, tables and charts. This 45 minute session will focus on a deep dive into the injection data set plus a few sample workflows commonly utilized with this data.

Highlights include:

  • Filter by injection parameters: Quickly and easily locate injection wells to view in the map or table
  • Review detailed injection attributes by well: Export detailed data table with attributes like injection month, monthly injection volume – gas/water/other, injected product type, casing pressure and more
  • Water Module add-in: Better evaluate injection trends using map styling, scatter plots, and graphs to look at first and last injection dates, cumulative injection volumes, and more when Water Module is added on.

This is just part of the new injection data set now available in the web app.

 2019.10 Retention – Web Injection | Webinar Replay

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