2020.6 Upstream – Workflows to Efficiently Screen Acreage – Enverus Drillinginfo | Webinar Registration
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Weathering the Storm: Efficiently Screen Acreage









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June 11, 2020 | 2:00 – 3:00 PM Central 
In today’s energy market, being able to quickly and efficiently understand economics and type curves will help both E&Ps and investors weather the storm. The low-price environment makes it even more critical than ever to leverage technology to move faster and do more with less. Join us June 11 at 2pm when industry expert Phillip Dunning will walk you through how to turn efficiency and scalability into your competitive advantage. His discussion will include:
  •  How TypecurveStudio can help you more efficiently screen investments from minerals to equity and debt
  •  How BasinStudio will keep your team more prepared to value any basin in a changing commodity environment
  •  How Q Engineering can help your team maintain collaboration and effectiveness as teams work from home and are spread across the globe
  •  How the industries’ first data blending engine allows clients to leverage internal and Enverus data together


 2020.6 Upstream – Workflows to Efficiently Screen Acreage – Enverus Drillinginfo | Webinar Registration

Phil Dunning

Sr Manager of Strategy

Phillip is the Sr Manager of Strategy at Enverus. Prior to joining the company in early 2016, Phillip worked as an asset development engineer in the Appalachian Basin and later as a Managing Director in an upstream private equity firm focusing on equity investments in unconventional plays and royalty/mineral acquisitions. Phillip has advised companies on deploying capital, raising money, and acquisitions/divestitures, and has helped start up numerous oil and gas companies since 2013.
Phillip joined the U.S. Army in 2008, commissioning as an Engineering Officer in 2013. He currently serves at the 136th MEB as an LNO for the Homeland Response Force. Phillip holds a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from The Ohio State University and a Master of Science in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Louisiana.

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