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Reduce Your AP Burden—Introducing the “No Touch” Invoice









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September 16, 2020 | 2:00 – 3:00 PM Central 

Operating companies are under increased pressure to reduce G&A costs. Some accounts payable teams have experienced headcount reductions due to the recent downturn. Streamlining processes for low-value invoices is an area of untapped opportunity for significant cost and time savings. Most invoices in the industry are surprisingly small. But the amount of time spent managing invoices is surprisingly similar, regardless of the invoice amount. Join us Wednesday, Sept. 16 from 2-3 p.m. CT, for a webinar outlining how some oil producers are already automating between 25-75% of labor-intensive workflows, reducing their AP burden and saving time and resources.

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Dave Savelle

General Manager, Field Ticket Operations

Dave is a 33-year veteran of the oil and gas technology industry. He had a number of roles in technology development and operations, including support, sales management, marketing, and development. In 2000, Dave left Halliburton and co-founded Digital Oilfield, running US operations from its inception and was on hand for the first deployments of OpenInvoice.

Don Hoefer

Solutions Director for Business Automation

Don supports the sales channel as well as the technical interface between customers and the Business Automation product development organization at Enverus. He has more than 29 years working in the Oil and Gas industry. Don has held various positions since 1993 including technical support and managing Landmark Graphics North America support center before managing the Drilling technical sales team. In 2004 he joined Digital Oilfield which was the company that developed OpenInvoice. 

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