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August 11, 2020 | 2:00 – 3:00 PM Central 
Join Enverus for a discussion of the current market & uncover the reasons behind what is happening on the ground with real-life examples.
Pulling Back the Curtain
Among other things, Senior Director of Energy Analytics Strategy & Analytics, Sarp Ozkan will uncover:
What it means and why?
A key driver of US production growth during the shale boom has been productivity gains.
However, the pace of productivity gains has slowed (and, in some case, even degraded).
Where are the DUCs? How productive will they be? 
As prices crashed during this COVID-induced demand slump, operators slowed/halted completions (even shut-in wells). However, rig counts didn’t go to zero, meaning the DUC inventory has built considerably.
Which areas of the country make sense at $40/Bbl WTI? $45/Bbl WTI? $50/Bbl WTI? Which companies are there?
Recovery continues, albeit slowly. The areas/operators with acreage in sweet spots have the most to gain.
One wonders, knowing that the capital constraints are real, could there be opportunities waiting on your doorstep? Don’t miss a chance to answer the hard questions with Enverus. More importantly, don’t miss an opportunity.


 2020.7 Upstream Pulling back the curtain  | Webinar Registration

Sarp Ozkan

Director, Energy Analytics at Enverus

Sarp is a Director, Energy Analytics and Crude Market Efforts for Enverus Drillinginfo Market Intelligence. He has research and modeling experience in the upstream and downstream markets and has presented his work at various academic conferences around the world, including those organized by the SPE and the IAEE. He has also been published in the SPE Economics & Management Journal for his work on the long-term economic viability of production from unconventional liquids-rich reservoirs. Sarp’s focus on data-driven modeling and his ability to incorporate the effects of technological and market advances into analyses provides clients a thorough picture of the present and the future in their area of interest within the oil and gas industry.
Sarp holds a Master of Science in Mineral and Energy Economics from the Colorado School of Mines, a Master of Science in Petroleum Economics and Management from the Institut Francais du Petrole (IFP School), and a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the University of Chicago.

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