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Never Miss A Lead: Get The Edge You Need To Grow Your Business In 2020









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Febuary 12, 2020 | 2:00 – 3:00 PM Central 
Never Miss A Lead: Get The Edge You Need To Grow Your Business In 2020
70% of OFS companies using our platform increased their lead generation by 25% or more within the first 12 months after switching from a competitor.
Because our OFS app provides the MOST CURRENT rig tracking and rig count data in the industry. Our timely and accurate data helps our customers find high quality leads faster and work more efficiently.
Join us Wednesday, February 12, from 2 – 3 PM Central to see our OFS app in action and learn how it can help you grow your business in 2020.
What’s different from what you have now?
  • Rig tracking – Rather than calling rig companies to track locations, we cover 95% of active US rigs with GPS units right on the rig giving you the most accurate rig data.
  • Rig counts – We update ours twice a day. Other companies update it weekly.
  • Proactive alerts – Set up automatic alerts to let you know when there is new activity in your area of interest. This helps you filter out the noise, focus on what matters to grow your business, and work more efficiently.
  • Accessible on desktop or mobile – You can access our app either on your phone while you’re on the go, or on your laptop in your office when you need to map out strategy.
With operators focused on reducing spend and increasing efficiency to manage cash flow, 2020 will be a competitive market for OFS companies. If you want to spend less time hunting for leads and more time selling to grow your business, you don’t want you to miss this opportunity.
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