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Child Well Spacing Impacts in the Delaware Basin









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October 21, 2020 | 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM Central 
Join us Wednesday, Oct. 21 at 11 AM CST for a live workflow training and Q&A where Enverus Technical Advisor, Brandon Guttery, will demonstrate and discuss spacing workflows to help operators of any size quickly assess multiple drilling scenarios and opportunities.
  • Walk away from this virtual session with the ability to:
  •  Use precalculated spacing classifications to identify spacing trends through time and develop a representative group of wells for further analysis
  • Demonstrate how the timing between parent and child well completions affects the overall completion design needed to achieve optimal results
  • Determine the optimal timing between completion of parent wells and semi-bounded child wells using NPV, IRR and EUR of the child wells


Brandon Guttery

Brandon Guttery

Enverus Technical Advisor

Brandon Guttery joined Enverus in 2017, and currently serves as Team Lead for Technical Advisors. In his current position, his interests in geology and large geological datasets allow him to work with customers to help deliver data-driven solutions. Prior to joining Enverus, Brandon served as an exploration geologist for multiple independent E&P companies where he primarily focused on oil and gas exploration in the Mid-Continent and Rocky Mountain regions. After his time as an exploration geologist, he performed geological evaluations on oil and gas assets being offered for sale by the Oil & Gas Asset Clearinghouse. Brandon received his Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Geology from the University of Oklahoma in 2010 and 2012 respectively. He currently resides in Katy, TX with his wife and three children where he enjoys cooking and entertaining for his family and friends in his spare time.

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