2019.8 Business Automation – Payables-AR Financing SUPPLIERS Webinar (9/26) [Registration]
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FundThrough and OpenInvoice: A Safe, Secure Way for Suppliers to Get Paid Faster









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October 1, 2019 | 2:00 – 3:00 PM Central 
We know cash is critical for your business, which is why we are launching a variety of tools to help operators and suppliers who use OpenInvoice to improve capital management. This is why we recently partnered with an invoice funding provider who can offer suppliers an affordable and secure way to get paid faster.  
FundThrough, the official preferred partner for AR Financing through OpenInvoice, offers suppliers a quick, safe, convenient, and transparent way to fund invoices online with affordable rates and is simple for your buyers.
Join us on October 1 from 2 PM – 3 PM CST to learn how FundThrough provides quick access to cash flow. During this session, we will provide more information about this new service and how it will benefit you as a supplier.
FundThrough Facts:
·        Five Star Google Rating
·        FundThrough is a self-driven online invoice funding platform 
·        Suppliers choose which invoices to fund (no minimum requirements)
·        Invoices advance directly to the supplier within 24 hours
·        Suppliers are in control and can revoke the invoice assignment at any time


Tamra Roberds-Roach

Director, Product Management

Tamra has over ten years of experience working with B2B networks, and has been on the OpenInvoice team since 2013. She is currently a Product Manager focused on finding ways for both sides of the network to manage and optimize access to capital. Prior to her role at Oildex, Tamra worked for Hubwoo and managed supplier enablement and client services teams in the Americas and the Philippines. Tamra received her Master’s in Business Administration and her Master’s in International Management at the University of Maryland University College. She received her BA in English Literature from the University of Houston.

Shayan Rahnama

Sr. Product Manager, Strategic Partnerships

Shayan has been with FundThrough since the company was founded in 2014. Shayan is a computer engineering graduate from the University of Waterloo, and has an MBA from the University of Toronto. He has over 15 years of cross-functional experience in B2B and B2C product development, operations and sales and has worked extensively with enterprise software companies in billing, telecom, and finance. Shayan was an integral part of the design and launch of the NetZero product with Cortex Business Solutions, and has led the iteration and development of the product and program over the last 2 years, offering suppliers in the Oil & Gas industry a valuable tool to keep cash flow on track and help their businesses thrive and grow.

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