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DEBATE: Impacts of a Biden vs. Trump Victory: What’s Next For the U.S. Oil & Gas Industry?

The differing prospects of a Republican victory versus a Democrat victory presented the U.S. energy industry with two contrasting outlooks for its future. President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden set out two radically different approaches to the industry; while Trump reiterated his continued support for the oil and gas industries, Biden mapped out a “clean energy revolution” to place the U.S. at the forefront of the energy transition movement. The results of the election have wide ranging consequences for both the domestic and global energy markets which forces investors to think twice about where their capital is best placed to accrue value and drive growth over the mid to long-term.
  • Green Infrastructure Plan (Biden victory) vs. No Green Infrastructure Plan (Trump victory)
  • Leases & Drilling on Federal Lands
  • Emissions Reductions Initiatives & Carbon Tax
  • The Impact of Increasing ESG Pressure on New Investment Decisions
  • Will OPEC+ Members Remain Committed to Production Cuts to Rebalance Global Oil Markets?
  • Will New Pipelines Get Sanctioned? What Will It Take?

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