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Below we have included some of the materials presented.

Click ‘Download Here’ link to access each report.


  • Multivariate statistical applications for quantifying contribution of seismic data to production prediction in the Wolfcamp, Midland Basin | Bill Bashore and Chris Grant, The Leading Edge. Download here.
  • Optimizing the Development of a Stacked Continuous Resource Play in the Midland Basin | James Courtier, Joe Wicker, Travis Jeffers, Pat Curth, Laredo Petroleum, URTeC. Download here.
  • Multivariate Analytics of Seismic Inversion Products to Predict Horizontal Production in the Wolfcamp Formation of the Midland Basin | Joe Wicker, James Courtier, and Patrick Curth, Laredo Petroleum, URTeC. Download here.
  • Improving Well Designs and Completion Strategies Utilizing Multivariate Analysis | Joe Wicker, James Courtier, Danny Gray, Travis Jeffers, and Stacy Trowbridge, Laredo Petroluem, URTeC. Download here.
  • Estimating Optimal Transformations for Multiple Regression and Correlation | Leo Breiman and Jerome Freidman, Journal of the American Statistical Association. Download here.