Virtual card from enverus fast secure payments

Virtual Card automates and streamlines payments to lower costs and generate extra revenue.
Single-use credit card numbers for each transaction enhance security, convenience and expense management. And pays vendors rebates for using Virtual Card payments!

Virtual Credit Card Numbers Simplify Payments to Vendors

Enverus Virtual Card automates and streamlines payments to vendors. Virtual credit card account provides better security than physical cards. Provides increased granularity for payments and expenses tracking. Lower processing costs, create extra revenue and save time. Virtual Cards don’t change your payment run process – they make it faster.

Benefits of Enverus Virtual Card

Reduce Costs

Eliminate costs and manual processes associated with printing and mailing checks.

Simplify Reconciliation

One card number associated with each invoice creates effortless expense reporting and eliminates duplicate payments.

Increase Security

Virtual card numbers can only be used one time for approved vendors and amounts, lowering risk of fraud.

Earn Cash Back

Instantly start earning unlimited rebate revenue on your virtual card spend.

On-Demand Webinar: Enverus Integrated Payments

Learn more about Virtual Card. An integrated virtual credit card account payment solution that provides increased payment security, reduces cost, and offers effortless reconciliation.

Enverus virtual card – key features

Faster vendor onboarding

Our partner CSI finds vendors in your network most likely to accept Virtual Card and create a vendor enrollment plan for you.

Improve vendor communication

The Enverus supplier network provides access to your vendors for communication and training. 


Find high-value opportunities

Operators can identify high-value integration opportunities with suppliers that support visibility and reporting.

Solution overview: virtual card

Corporate Spending Innovations (CSI), a preferred payment partner of OpenInvoice, provides a Virtual Card payment option for operators to streamline and optimize payments.

“On average, operators paying with Enverus Virtual Card earn back between 6%-8% of spending.”

– CSI, Enverus Preferred Partner On Spend Rebates


Virtual Card FAQ’s

A virtual credit card is a 16-digit, single-use card number that is issued for a specific transaction or amount, with no physical card attached to it. Predefined restrictions can be set up on the card including where the card can be used, how much can be spent, and the usage period. After approved use, the card number becomes invalid.

Paper checks result in a significant expense for AP, costing approximately $5-10 per invoice. There are high processing fees associated with checks and they require significant manual processing by employees. When a company eliminates paper checks, those bank processing fees go away, along with the costs of paper, printing, postage, and mailing, and chasing after checks that get lost in the mail and result in additional fees. Plus, you can start earning monthly rebates on all your virtual card spend.

The transition to an electronic payment solution is quick and easy. CSI handles all the setup and verification of virtual card acceptance by your suppliers. Generally, a rollout can occur within a few weeks after a couple of quick phone calls. You should expect to attend a kick-off call intended to educate you on how the system is designed and its various functions. After that, you will have a designated Relationship Manager available to assist you with any questions you may have.

There are no out-of-pocket costs, and no additional staff and company resources are needed to support the transition. The payment automation program will simplify your business operations, allowing it to run more efficiently and reduce the time employees spend on manual data processes.

CSI has many existing relationships with vendors and will contact them to confirm acceptance of virtual cards on your behalf. They currently have more than 900,000 vendors that are accepting virtual cards as a form of payment. Often there are a significant number of vendors who are already accepting virtual cards. CSI utilizes an extensive vendor matching process that will provide insight into how many of your vendors are already accepting cards and estimate your monthly net-new revenue.

Virtual credit cards are one of the most secure solutions to the widespread problem of B2B payments fraud because they eliminate the need for manual and paper processes that could expose your data to potential fraud. Virtual cards can only be used for approved vendors and exact amounts making them essentially fraud-proof.

CSI is competitive with any provider of an Integrated Payments platform. What sets CSI apart is the ability to drive significant incremental volume over other solutions and automated process flow. CSI’s is completely aligned with you as they continue a month over month focus on increased acceptance and monetization.

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