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Researching a potential deal?

You know the drill today: too much time, resources, and people pulling together all the information you need. With its acquisitions of PLS and 1Derrick, Drillinginfo is changing all that. The company is readying the Deal Evaluation Platform, scheduled to fully launch in Q1 ’19, which will deliver unparalleled, single pane of glass access to the actionable intelligence you need. Now available is The Executive Summary Deal Platform.

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Enverus Oil & Gas 101

Enverus Oil & Gas 101

To kick off our series on the basics of oil and gas exploration and development, we wanted to answer some fundamental questions on the topic, including: Where do we find most oil or gas, and why? We’re looking for oil. So … why do we like holes in our rocks? Which is...

Shifting to the ESG Mindset

Shifting to the ESG Mindset

Just two years ago, the environmental, social and governance (ESG) conversation was nascent, with general uncertainty as to its staying power. The E in ESG and, more specifically, emissions in the energy value chain have risen to the top of investor concerns. Wall...

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A look at the platform

You get an alert when buyers and sellers you specify complete a transaction + A custom heat map that gives you more context on the deal in question

Transaction Car: allows you to filter transactions by numerous parameters

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