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Partner with the Right Operators To Grow Your Business

Target the right opportunities for your business with quick access to information on 200 private and public operators

Operator Intelligence Suite

Learn about your customer’s business with insights into acreage position, drilling actvitiy, productivity, well-completion techniques, and M&A transactions.

Know Your Customers Better

What does the company look like financially?
When were they funded and how much did they get?
Are they getting close to an exit time period?
Who is their sponsor?

Pinpoint Acreage Position

Where is the operator’s acreage position within a basin?

Understand Operator Efficiency

How long does it take to drill, complete, and bring a well online?
Where is an operator’s efficiency increasing and decreasing?
Where is a company doing their proppant and loading?

View Productivity

Has the operator’s productivity outperformed or underperformed compared to peers?

Understand Performance in Landing Zones

Has the operator proven more than one zone?
Where do they fall compared to their peers?
What depth and formation types are they drilling in?
How can your business help improve the operator’s performance?

Determine Financial Position

When and how did a company build the position that they have?
Did they take out debt to finance their acreage and when will the debt become due?

Find the Right Contacts

Who should I get in touch with?

Benchmark different operators’ performance

How do  multiple operators compare to each other performance-wise?

Compare Type Curves

Who is outperforming where and why is that occurring?