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In the constantly changing oil & gas industry, everyone needs to do more with less. You need a partner who will collaborate with you to produce tangible results customized for your business. With Enverus Services, leverage our oil & gas experts and industry veterans, as well as our innovative technology and proprietary data, to solve your most complex problems and to drive success in a competitive market.

Enverus Services consultants have years of oil & gas industry experience and technical expertise. Partner with a team that understands your specific problem and will work with you to create a tangible, customized solution that will continue to produce top-tier results well into the future.

Global Expertise

A global E&P technology and management consultancy created in 2009

More than 80 Major Projects Completed

Including engineering workflows, geological workflows, refinery optimization modeling, and U.S. production forecasting

Industry Veterans and Technical Experts

Dedicated group of consultants who are oil & gas industry veterans and technical experts

Services Covered by Enverus Services


Upstream Technical Solutions
Design and train clients on custom geologic assessments and engineering analysis to optimize completions, maximize production, and increase ROI

Product Implementation
Install and deploy innovative products that keep clients at the forefront of the E&P industry to make sure you are getting the most out of your partnership

E&P Investor Relations
Design and run multi-variate analytics to assure investors that your high-science work is paying off

Market Fundamentals Assessment
Enverus’s Market Intelligence team will prepare a custom presentation focused on your market questions and present to your management team, board of directors, or at your shareholder meetings

Midstream Strategy
Analyze pipeline, processing, gathering, fractionation, and storage assets by area, including asset valuation and counterparty risk evaluation. Evaluate the effects of proposed future pipeline projects on price differentials, and forecast gas, crude, NGL, and product transportation flow dynamics

Asset Analysis
Use our custom Enverus ProdCast software to analyze market fundamentals and breakevens by basin to inform A&D strategies, as well as perform asset-specific analysis for due diligence in acquisition situations

Refinery Optimization Modeling
We utilize a proprietary crude and condensate linear optimization model to optimize crude flow for every North American refinery based on specific unit capacities and configuration. The model integrates supply across U.S. transportation networks, including current tariff and transport rates and planned infrastructure development. We utilize this model to analyze the impact of new or reconfigured infrastructure, to evaluate changes in refined product prices, and to forecast differentials for crude qualities given their access to refining infrastructure and product yields


Industry leaders use Enverus to keep themselves ahead of the competition and proactively optimize their business


Drillinginfo Web App

All the oil & gas intelligence and cutting-edge tools you need to stay competitive in a single platform

Enverus Mobile App

Take Enverus intelligence with you on the road, and always stay informed

DI Basic

Essential oil & gas intelligence that empowers confident business decisions

DI Plus

The mission critical oil & gas decision platform with enhanced exports, allocated production, and LandTrac™

Enverus Analytics

Uncover hidden insights into leasing, permitting, and production


Commodity data, analytics, and integration solutions

Rig Analytics

Track over 95% of the U.S. rig fleet on a daily basis

Engineering Explorer

Visualize and analyze the most detailed completion and production data

Refrac Analysis

Your step-by-step guide to the best refracs

Enverus Excel Tools

Enverus data delivered directly into your Excel model


Predict well-level production and economics in minutes versus days


24/7 access to digital courthouse records

Play Assessments

Project-ready, geological data and analyses for basins across the U.S.

Asset Analysis

Evaluate operators, areas, and reservoirs through a single easy-to-follow workflow


In-depth market fundamental analysis and production forecasts

Chem Analytics

Understand the techniques used to complete, refrac, and operate the best-producing wells


An all-in-one GG&E platform that helps you understand the subsurface through integrated geoscientific data

Geodata Services

Increase your GIS output exponentially and get answers faster


Automate mineral management with easy-to-use tools

Creating the first 360-degree view of energy and commodities, and real-time market insights

Midstream Essentials

The Essential Infrastructure and Production Data for Midstream Companies

Midstream Premier

The most comprehensive midstream solution for faster, more profitable decision making

Optiflo Gas

The most efficient solution for long-term natural gas supply and demand forecasting and modeling

Business Intelligence Cloud Database

Easy Integration of Analysis – Ready Data

PRT Forecast

Highly accurate load, price, wind, and solar generation forecasting for the energy industry.

Enverus Services

Tangible results to complex problems

Oklahoma Spacing and Density

The fastest, easiest way to find spacing intelligence in Oklahoma.

Midland Map

Hand drafted lease and ownership maps for all 61 Texas counties and 9 New Mexico Counties in the Permian Basin.

Market Research

The most comprehensive and integrated proprietary data sets regarding M&A, PE Capital, and Competitor Intelligence.

Company Profiles

Leverage company acreage data for ~1100 public and private companies along with PE sponsors and commitments.


Access and search the most robust, current, and historical listings database of transactions and deals for sale in the industry.

docFinder / Intelbytes

Search ~2.4 million slides gathered in the last 20 years. Use both text and numerical search to find the data you need in minutes.

Business automation solutions that fit your business needs.

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