What can banks achieve with a modern mineral management platform?


The oil & gas specialty asset class continues to expand, creating enormous opportunity for banks, trust departments, and financial advisors.  Does your team have a strategy for capturing market share or expanding your mineral management business?

 Your choice of mineral management technology could be holding you back

What the Future of Mineral Management Looks Like

Today’s mineral owners are increasingly tech savvy and expect personalized service from financial institutions.  To gain traction in the competitive mineral management space, your team needs a holistic approach to meet evolving customer needs while staying competitive.  Purpose-built technology and data services are key to your success.

Bank Mineral Management

Deliver Superior Service and Portfolio Performance

Enhance client experience with MineralSoft, the category leading mineral management platform from Enverus that supports your team with best-in-class technology and data.  MineralSoft is ideal for tackling tough oil & gas investment challenges while improving operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Bank Mineral Management

Provide the Best Client Experience


Optimize investment decisions with our tools and tailor reporting for each client. Plus, MineralSoft’s oil & gas experts are on call to advise and troubleshoot.

Bank Mineral Management

Drive Operational Efficiency


MineralSoft allows your financial advisers to focus on the big picture by automating workflows and providing real-time insights and alerts when action is needed.

Bank Mineral Management

Automate Revenue and JIB Processing


With our exclusive data integrations, your firm can eliminate data entry, saving valuable time and reducing errors.

Bank Mineral Management

Easily Manage Multiple Portfolios


The MineralSoft platform gives your firm flexibility to manage each client’s portfolio in a multi-tenant environment with state-of-the-art security protocols.

Powering Mineral Management at Happy State Bank


Learn how Happy State Bank is attracting larger clients, enhancing customer experience, and growing its oil & gas business with the Enverus mineral management platform of software and services.

The Enverus Mineral Management
Platform Checks All the Boxes

Top Mineral Management Tech
Oil & gas portfolio management
Activity tracking and alerts
Accounting and auditing
Ready to use and custom reporting


Best-in-class Data
Wells, rigs, permits and production
Built in mineral appraisals
Revenue and JIB data delivery
Industry leading data quality


Competetive Advantage
Enhance client experience
Attract new customers
Retain existing clients
Accelerate market growth

Get Help from a Mineral Management Expert

Banks, trust departments, and financial advisors are confronted with many options to manage oil & gas accounts.  Contact us today and we’ll help you and your team navigate mineral management complexity and position your organization to tap into the expanding minerals market.

On-Demand Webinar: The Future of Bank Mineral Management

Watch our recent webinar to learn about the challenges and opportunities associated with technology innovation and rapidly changing client expectations for banks, trust departments, and financial advisors.