Verdazo + Drillinginfo

Analytics for the entire well lifecycle. Purpose-built visual analytics software for Oil & Gas


Verdazo and Drillinginfo

Verdazo Analytics enables Oil & Gas companies to target efficiencies, optimize performance and add millions to the bottom line. Verdazo software is purpose-built for Oil & Gas and offers unmatched capabilities for all stages of the well lifecycle. Verdazo also offers Machine Learning predictive analytics services.

With Verdazo and Drillinginfo, you can analyze your production within data within the context of vendor and public data covering other operators in your area of interest.

Explore Vendor Data for Operational and Competitive insights

Identify business opportunities by discovering insights into companies, plays and completion technologies. Verdazo help you quickly and easily:

  • Understand the production activity and performance of any operator in the U.S. leveraging Drillinginfo data on the Verdazo platform
  • Generate type-well curves using industry best practices
  • Compare the production performance of companies and plays with an integrated map
  • Assess acquisition opportunities with custom dynamic workflows
  • Understand and manage your Inactive Well Compliance requirements

This macro analysis can be merged with a deep dive into your production data.

Analyze Your Production Data

You can optimize performance, minimize downtime and improve your ability to hit production targets. Verdazo helps you to quickly and easily:


  • Identify and prioritize wells based on Lost Production and investigate anomalies with custom workflows
  • Monitor every well’s daily production and save engineers at least 2 hours/day
  • Improve communication and collaboration between head office and the field
  • Perform well reviews more quickly, more often and with better insights
  • Identify wells with workovers and assess their effectiveness
  • Target reductions in downtime and reduce unscheduled repairs and maintenance

Verdazo provides benefits for multiple stakeholders:

Benefits for Engineering and Operations


  • Incorporate Drillinginfo data and other Oil & Gas data sources
  • Save the time, effort and cost of building your own tool
  • Do effective analysis from day one
  • Speed up your analysis with vast pre-built capabilities
  • Includes our Discovery Analytics methodology & workflows
  • Purpose-built for Oil & Gas
  • Embedded with industry experience, expertise & best practices

Benefits for Senior Management


  • Targets efficiencies
  • Optimizes corporate performance
  • Adds millions to your bottom line
  • Creates alignment between people, processes, and data
  • Delivers value from day one
  • Catalyzes innovation across your organization
  • Purpose-built for Oil & Gas
  • Creates a culture of analytics

Benefits for IT Managers


  • Delivers consistent, reliable information
  • Centralized business logic
  • Provides enterprise-level scalability
  • Offers an open, configurable environment
  • Rapid implementation saves time and money
  • Flexible licensing structure
  • Purpose-built for Oil & Gas
  • Not a build-it-yourself toolkit
DI Plus and DI Direct Access are required for this integration.

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