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Landdox and Drillinginfo

Landdox’s flagship product is a cloud-based Land Management System where you can manage, visualize, and report on leasehold and mineral rights in a customizable, easy-to-use web app. As a mutual customer of Drillinginfo and Landdox, you can access DI data and layers within Landdox, getting essential DI info right in your land system. With one click access from Landdox to the DI Web App you can access all of your DI products, significantly streamlining your work.

Landdox and Drillinginfo subscribers can sign into their DI account inside of Landdox. Using Landdox mapping tools, users can view their own land data next to DI’s data including:

  • lease expirations
  • leasing activity
  • permit data
  • well production data
  • wellbore trajectories
DI Plus with Geodata Services is required for this integration.

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