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About the EnergyIQ Drillinginfo Loader

EnergyIQ and Drillinginfo collaborated on the Loader to enable advanced analytics and decision making. With the loader you can automatically merge industry leading Drillinginfo data with proprietary company data in an EnergyIQ’s enterprise well master data management platform.

The Loader allows users to schedule the loading of daily, incremental data from Drillinginfo directly to the EnergyIQ Trusted Data Manager (TDM) database. Once data from Drillinginfo flows into TDM, it can be scheduled to load into a user’s preferred GG&E platform. In addition, blended data can be delivered directly to business intelligence platforms such as Spotfire and GIS interfaces, ensuring that businesses have the best data available, in the most effective format for decision-making.

The loader processes the most up-to-date and complete data by using The DI Direct Access API. This data is then matched, validated and blended with other proprietary and third-party sources within a PPDM Gold compliant model to create the most trusted version of the data. The data can be supplied in a 10/12/14 digit format.


We are very excited to release this new product in collaboration with Drillinginfo. Our clients now have the ability to access all of their Drillinginfo data membership fully blended with their own proprietary data. The most trusted data will now be immediately available for visualization and analytics applications for use in decision-making processes.

Steve Cooper

President, EnergyIQ

DI Direct Access is required for this integration.

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