Conduit Resources + Drillinginfo

Conduit Resources enables corporations to take control of data

Conduit Resources

Conduit Resources and Drillinginfo

Conduit Resources enables corporations to take control of data. They develop and maintain dynamic data acquisition and management software, delivering real-time analytics and mapping solutions for the energy industry. The Energy Data Conduit for Drillinginfo provides full access to your DI subscription on your network. DI energy data is updated daily and accessible to analytics and Oil and Gas software you already own. Conduit’s solution is SQL Server based and easy to install and maintain.

Analytics-ready, no matter what system you are using

  • Conduit maintains industry standards and is always up-to-date so you don’t have to manually download data and import it into your analytics software.
  • You will be analytics-ready with up-to-date data to drive analysis in Spotfire, PowerBI, Tableau, Qlik and more.
  • With Conduit you can easily integrate your DI data with internal proprietary information.
  • Conduit also has integrations for popular GG&E applications.

Key Datasets

  • Native SQL Server Spatial.
  • ArcGIS Server, Portal and Web Mapping ready.
  • Prebuilt ArcMap templates are included, with well surface and bottom locations, sticks, directional surveys and paths.
  • Conduit is Google Earth ready; automatically download your customer project areas as Google KML files.
DI Direct Access is required for this integration.

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