Mineral Managers Looking to Maximize Portfolio Value and Cut Costs Choose Enverus Over MineralWare

Fully Automated

Automate your operations with check detail and JIB processing.

Quality Data

Enverus has the best well, production, rig, and permit data.

Superior Reporting

Out-of-the-box library of customizable reports increases productivity.

Deep Audit

Spot decimal errors, underreported volumes, and other underpayments.

Here’s what your peers are saying

“Enverus MineralSoft has enabled our company to analyze our income and capture missing revenue across our portfolio. This program has paid for itself.”

Dan Thacker
Asset Manager, Desert Royalty Company

“The single biggest time saver that the Enverus mineral management solution provides is the ROI reporting, taking the process from weeks to minutes. That’s amazing!”

Joe Orthwein
Landman, Orthwein Energy

“We save countless hours each month using Enverus MineralSoft. There’s no tool like it for acquiring and managing minerals at scale. It has revolutionized the way we approach portfolio management.”

Ken Willey
Founder of GRP Energy

“As a private mineral owner with hundreds of properties and wells, we now have access to data that allows us to know when we’re paid, whether we are paid correctly, if payments stopped unnoticed, if we are HBP, and a great deal more.”

Melinda Wood
Principal at J.O. Wood FLP

“In addition to tracking all of our mineral interests, being able to quickly find detailed revenue and adjustment information regarding each well is something that is very valuable to our company.”

Colton Lind
Principal at Water Valley Land Company


Don't Wait for Static Reports

Time is money




Automate Mineral Management Workflows

with a state-of-the-art platform

Enverus Minerals at a Glance

For Everyone

Mineral Funds and Non-ops
Banks and Trusts
Family Offices
Endowments and Foundations
Government Agencies

Every Workflow

Portfolio Management
Accounting and Audit
Land and Document Management
Mapping and Activity Tracking
Acquisitions and Divestitures

The Features You Want

Multi-Portfolio Support
Robust Reporting and ROI Analysis
Rollup Investments and Drill Down to Revenue and Expenses
Powerful GIS Tools
Import Shape Files or Draw Properties
User accessible bulk upload and edit tools
Drill Spacing Units
Land Document Management
Buy- and Sell-Side Data Rooms
Automated Underpayment Alerts
Web-Based Access on Any Device

All backed by our Professional Services Division


Poor quality, limited, stale datasets

only create more work for you to QC.




Future-proof your mineral assets with a trusted partner

leveraging 20 years of optimizing high quality data.

Leveraging Automation to Stay Lean

Mineral owners are turning to Enverus technology to automate manual processes and gain a competitive edge. Our mineral management software is the only solution that is directly integrated with data from Drillinginfo, EnergyLink, and Oildex. Enverus enables our customers to scale operations without scaling back office costs and achieve more with existing resources.

Unmatched Data Quality and Value-Added Data

Enverus has a 20-year track record and a laser focus on providing high quality data across the energy value chain. We don’t just integrate data into our minerals solution; we own and operate the data sources, providing enhanced integration of Drillinginfo, Oildex, and EnergyLink data.  Plus, we provide access to Enverus Courthouse and other value-added datasets.


To run the reports you really need

you are forced to shuffle data in Excel.




Access a complete set of ready to go reports

or create your own with a flexible report builder.

Enverus Data Advantage

  • Wells: Quality Controlled Lat./Long, Owner, SPUD, etc.
  • Volumes: Quality Controlled Production + Exclusive Access to PennWell Dataset
  • Permits: Continuously Updated with Latest Revisions and Amendments
  • Rigs: Real-Time Movement on 99% of U.S. Onshore Rigs
  • Wellbores: Actual Trajectory Reveals Deviation from Plan
  • Completions: Continuously Updated with Latest Frac Data, Reliable Dates
  • DUC, WOC, WOS: Post-Drill Status Included
  • Mineral Appraisals: Extensive Appraisal Database Ready for Analysis
  • Drill Units: 300,000 Prebuilt Unit Shape Files for 8 States
  • Leases: 6,000,000 Lease Shape Files + 3,000,000 Digitized Leases
  • Courthouse Records: Access to digital leases, deeds, and abstracts via Enverus Courthouse
  • Check Detail: Enhanced Delivery via Enverus Owned Oildex and EnergyLink Exchanges
  • JIB: 100% Automated Joint Interest Billing Processing
  • Pricing: Up-to-Date Crude, Natural Gas, and NGL Prices for Texas
  • Midstream Data: Right of Way, Commitments, Pipelines

Searching for underpayments

is like looking for a needle in a haystack.




Renewed transparency into missing revenue

with automated underpayment alerts.

Accelerate Portfolio Analysis With Advanced Reporting

With Enverus MineralSoft, you can slice and dice your oil & gas portfolio data anyway you want. We provide an extensive library of out-of-the-box, multi-dimensional reports. Rollup asset performance for your entire portfolio then drill down to unit, lease, tract, and well-level reporting for detailed payout and breakeven analysis. Or, use our slick grid view to rapidly query, filter, and sort data for ad hoc reporting.

Automatically Detect Underpayments to Drop More Revenue to Your Bottom Line

Enverus deploys data and automation to simplify audits, helping you pinpoint and recover funds held in suspense and other types of underpayments. Automatically verify production and pricing and detect decimal errors. Our purpose-built trajectory tool helps you see the actual wellbore path under your lease, not just the top and bottom hole reported on a permit.

Scale Matters

Enverus backs our mineral management solution with a deep bench of expertise, from an extensive product development ecosystem and enterprise-level customer service to dedicated DevOps and security teams. Our solution powers mineral management at any scale.


Client Wells in Pay


Client Revenue


Check Detail Processed


Acquisitions Booked

As of Q1, 2020

Mineral Owners & Mineral Managers,

Enverus Minerals Is for You

The Right Value, Right Technology, Right Features, and the Right Data

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