How Does HG Energy Compare to Antero?

This Operator Intelligence report is an executive summary into Antero. The company currently holds the second-highest enterprise value of the seven companies in our Appalachia Pure-Players peer group. Want to see how you compare? View more on Antero and other competitors with the Enverus Drillinginfo Operator Intelligence suite.

Report Highlights

  • Productivity outperformance from a southwestern Appalachian Basin position represents the key operational strength
  • Activity has remained steady—between four and five operated rigs since Q4 2016. Well-completion speed is trending faster, but still took 75% longer than the basin average during 2018
  • Antero has consistently outperformed the basin average on the 180-day and 360-day metrics each quarter since 2016

And more…

Download the report for a full view into Antero: