How Does Chisholm Energy Holdings Compare to Shell?

This Operator Intelligence report is an executive summary into Royal Dutch Shell plc. Shell currently holds the second-highest enterprise value of the eight companies in our Integrated peer group. Want to see how you compare? View more on Shell and other competitors with the Enverus Drillinginfo Operator Intelligence suite.

Report Highlights

  • A Delaware position that is exposed to much of the core Texas fairway has been assembled cost-effectively, developed methodically, and improved continuously. Maintaining momentum and outperforming basin peers represents a key strategic objective
  • Relative stock performance has been broadly aligned with peers since the downturn, despite significantly transforming the portfolio through business development
  • The operated rig count has held steady since mid-2017, demonstrating Shell’s conservative approach relative to aggressive basin peers

And more…

Download the report for a full view into Shell: