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MOSAIC by Omnira Software + Enverus

Enverus integrates with the industry’s only unified platform for petroleum economics, decline analysis and reserves management

MOSAIC by Omnira Software and Enverus

MOSAIC™ by Omnira Software delivers insight with reserves management, petroleum economics, budgeting, capital planning, and decline analysis. It is used by engineering, reserves, budgeting, capital planning and A&D groups to evaluate both corporate portfolios and individual reserve assets. Oil and gas companies of all sizes use MOSAIC™ to increase efficiency, streamline processes, reduce complexity and meet changing industry demands.

Recently, Enverus and Omnira partnered on a data connection that allows mutual customers to quickly load monthly oil and gas production data from Enverus into MOSAIC, which reduces the effort required for data transfer and improves data confidence by ensuring that the data used for forecasting and comparison is from a system of record. The data is imported with a single, easy configuration. At a time when E&P organizations are looking to deliver greater efficiency and accuracy, the connectivity between MOSAIC and Enverus will help engineers spend more time analyzing and understanding wells, and less time managing data.

The production data connection between MOSAIC™ and Enverus enhances MOSAIC’s position as the a best-in-class system for core reserves, budgeting, and planning workflows.


DI Direct Access is required for this integration; DI Plus is required for TX Allocated Production.

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