OFS Companies: What is the New Normal?

A Report from Drillinginfo Experts

The last two years have seen Oilfield Services (OFS) companies rise from the ashes after the oil & gas downturn by learning from the past and utilizing the latest data analytics to guide future strategic and investment decisions.
In this report, Drillinginfo analysts answer some of the critical questions OFS companies have today, such as:
  • What is the state of the market and where are the next growth areas based on rigs, permit activity, and completion trends? 
  • What is my company’s value, and should I consider acquisitions? 
  • How do I choose the right long-term partnerships and mitigate counter-party risk, such as bankruptcies, non-payments, etc.? 
  • What is the new normal, and what can my business do to thrive in this environment?

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