Quickly evaluate the market-moving Concho acquisition using DI Investor Relations Maps. Get insight into the largest acquisition in the Permian and quickly understand this super producer’s acreage position.  Get this comprehensive analysis delivered via shapefile in FTP or enhanced ESRI services into your ArcGIS system. Stay ahead of M& A activity and enhance your competitive intelligence.

Download your maps now.

A Clear Picture of Competitive Leaseholds & Investment Opportunities

Many leasing databases leave you with fragmented data you spend weeks stiching together. With DI’s Investor Relations Acreage Maps you get a complete view with one simple download.

Over 80 Operators

mapped for a clear picture of actual acreage positions

Stay Current

Updated quarterly and after big transactions

Flexible & Easy

to use with shapefile downloads or Enhanced ESRI Services

DI Web App Ready

for deeper economic and geologic analysis

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