Oilfield Services
Oilfield Services
Oilfield Services

Find the best leads, win more bids, and grow your business

Stop waiting on time-sensitive information that could cost you business. Get actionable insights on leases, rigs, permits, and more across the Oilfield Services (OFS) industry.


Oilfield Services

Optimize Your Sales Engine

Filter out the noise and get information you need to find the best operators to partner with.

Oilfield Services

Lead, Don't Follow

Find the areas that have the greatest demand for your services and stay ahead of your competition.

Oilfield Services

Grow Your Business

Make data-driven decisions that increase operating efficiency to grow your business faster.

Use Cases For OFS

Grow Your Business

Oilfield Services

Data on rig locations and active rigs updated daily and rig permits updated monthly.

Optimize Your Sales Engine


Determine which operators to partner with and have the right conversations at the right time using customized notifications on rig and permit activity and comprehensive intelligence on completions, fracturing treatment, well design, and production data.

Stay Ahead of The Competition

Oilfield Services

Drill down into individual operator data to learn production levels and activity and find the best operators for your services.

Identify Trends Before The Competition


Track breakeven prices for individual operators, basins, and fields across the U.S.to predict future production at a granular level and plan your business strategy.

Get Paid Faster

Oilfield Services

Take your analysis to the next level with oil & gas production, completion, and economic insights for strategic high-value analysis, forecasting, and decision making.

Innovate Faster


Combine the complete range of Enverus activity and market data to create and deliver insight on revenue sources, market trends, and operational efficiencies.

Key Features

Oilfield Services

Understand current and future rig and permit activity and who you need to be calling on.

Find leads faster with less effort

Automate and Move Faster
Don’t waste time scanning through rig reports. Create custom, automatic notifications about rig and permit activity relevant to you with VirtualScout™.

Focus on What Matters
Custom areas of interest save you time by automatically presenting you with the more relevant, actionable activity.

Oilfield Services

Understand the full landscape of drilling activity and easily access information on a single well in one platform.

Identify Trends and Anticipate Market Changes

Position Your Business to Capitalize on Opportunity
Understand breakeven prices, production, and permit activity for individual operators, basins, and specific fields across the U.S. to predict future trends and changes in the market.

Tailor the Insights You Need Based on Your Business
Whether you need to know who is supplying different types of chemicals and where, get insight into well engineering data for your completions business, or view rig activity, efficiency, operator driller relationships, and rig movements—we’ve got the data you need.

Products frequently used with OpenInvoice


Field ticketing software that empowers operators and service companies to generate, review, and approve digital field tickets for faster invoice approvals.


When used with OpenInvoice and OpenTicket, enables both operators and suppliers upload contract price agreements, catalogs, or rate sheets to validate inbound electronic invoices and field tickets.

Virtual Card

Digital payment processing for operators to streamline payments, reducing cost and manual processing


Granular spend insights to strategically source materials, manage vendors, and optimize collaboration between your supply chain and operations

Our friends at Enverus have contributed by dramatically improving the speed and quality of vital information flows to decision makers and team members, including personnel at RockPile. Their new mobile app is a fantastic example of that rapid innovation. We’re delighted to work with these guys. They’re like us.

Howard Rough
VP of Marketing and Sales, RockPile Energy Services

We provide professional services to help you find and capitalize on areas of opportunity with business automation solutions.

Data Analysis

We help you navigate and analyze your data to better understand your business and identify areas for improvement.

Process Automation Evaluation

We review your current operations to identify opportunities and execute an improvement plan.

Compliance Initiatives

Our team oversees adoption and use of OpenTicket and PriceBook to ensure automation and compliance.

Change Management

We manage change around new systems or updated processes so you focus on your key tasks.

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