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From lessons learned in 2020, to what to expect in 2021 – Enverus presents EVOLVE – a virtual conference focused on the evolution of the energy industry. Connect and collaborate with key players to identify opportunities, solve problems, understand the acceleration of ESG measures and prepare for the future of the industry.


Understand current and future outlooks for oil and gas and the broader Energy mix, and the trends that will drive investability in the coming year(s).


Network in a unique virtual setting and build relationships that can open opportunities for 2021 and beyond.​


Breakdown your biggest challenges and access never-before, hands-on previews of Enverus’ newest technology solutions.

EVOLVE Your Vision

Hear from world-class energy analysts and preview leading technology that will inspire your next step toward long-term success.​

EVOLVE Your Mission

Engage with the deepest cross-section of industry participants and align your “who, what and why” to achieve maximum returns in 2021.​

EVOLVE Your Goals

Use generations-deep, technical insights to help predict where to allocate capital and walk away with tangible action items.

Keynote Speakers


Content Tracks

Explore five content tracks that speak to your biggest challenges and opportunities, and discover topics that span the energy lifecycle. Energy is the biggest industry in the world, have the full picture to prepare for 2021 and beyond.

Unlock the 

You are not alone in seeking to understand the mysteries of the subsurface. More importantly, you are not alone when it comes to getting answers. Get a front-row seat to subsurface projects built by your peers that delivered invaluable insights to the question – What drives production?​ 

​Supercharging Midstream

Current market conditions require midstream companies to understand future economics for oil, gas, and NGL to successfully forecast production mix and to find infrastructure opportunities​ 

Retooling OFS

To remain competitive, OFS companies need to find better indicators to forecast operator activity and increase operational efficiency to protect profitability

Cost Management 

Due to resource constraints and market volatility, cost control and increased operating efficiency are critical to maximize profitability. Digitization, automation and spend insights provide new opportunities to increase time and cost savings for supply chain and back-office operations. 

Seal the Deal​ 

As the first half of 2021 brings a substantial recovery in market activity, O&G Companies must be able to quickly identify and evaluate the best deals. 

Tuesday – February 16th, 2021

Prepare for 2021 – A Macro Perspective

9:30 AM – 10:00 AM CT

EVOLVE | How 2020 Accelerated the Future of Energy

It’s unusual that the energy sector experiences a year like 2020 (we’ll spare you the recap), but with these challenges come immense opportunity and the acceleration of technologies that might previously have been slow-played. At this crossroad, Enverus is doubling down on energy and leading the sector into the future. Hear from the Enverus executive team as they highlight the latest in the market, data science/AI/ML and how this next evolution can be embraced.  

Speakers: Jeff Hughes, CEO | Manuj Nikhanj, President | Jimmy Fortuna, Chief Product Officer

10:00 AM – 11:00 AM CT

Time to Kick, Not Dribble! | Why Energy Players Should Be Innovating NOW

Hear from renowned innovator, Jessica O. Matthews, as she recounts how her entrepreneurial dream – an energy-powered soccer ball – launched into a global power and data infrastructure company. Listen to the trends that she believes will drive the energy industry into the next decade, and how companies can think about the balance of energy sources and technology to create a winning playbook. 

Speaker: Jessica O. Matthews, Founder & CEO of Uncharted Power

11:00 AM – 11:50 AM CT

The Next 5 Years

Journey with us into the future, where we will explore predictions around the sources of oil, gas and NGL production over the next 5 years, what role North America will play and how sensitive these forecasts are to price.  

Speakers: Ian Nieboer, Managing Director  | Jen Snyder, Director

12:00 PM – 1:00 PM CT

Innovation Expo

Want to learn more about the Enverus solutions shown in presentations and/or Tech Workshop sessions? Explore the Innovation Expo to engage directly with Enverus experts to discuss key presentation themes, ask questions and/or download supporting material to take with you!   

1:00 PM – 1:50 PM CT

Energy Evolution | The Only Constant is Change

The one constant to energy markets is change and understanding this change is the key to success. Moving into 2021, we face a convergence of demand destruction and recovery from a pandemic, an increased emphasis on ESG and a growth in renewables and EVs. How will it all play out? Join us as we explore the next phase of the Energy Evolution and how best to adapt.  

Speakers: Al Salazar, Vice President – Intelligence | Bernadette Johnson, Vice President, Strategic Analytics at Enverus

2:00 PM – 2:50 PM CT

Invest Today If You Want to Capture Tomorrow’s Opportunity

Join a leading panel of industry experts as we recap the most relevant topics of the day including where to find leadingedge returns, onshore vs. offshore, shale vs. conventional, new energy vs. old energy and the impact of the ESG investor.  

Speakers: Andrew Gillick, Managing Director, Energy Sector Strategist Glenn JacobsonPartner, Trilantic North AmericaBen Bonsall, Managing Director, Ares Management Stephen Thomas, Founder & Portfolio Manager, Webs Creek

Wednesday – February 17th, 2021

Conquer 2021 – Winning Strategies and Solutions

9:00 AM – 10:10 AM CT

Deciphering (and Motivating) Today’s Matrix of Workers

Evolving shouldn’t be reserved for the technology or operations of a business – it includes people, too.  The generational conversation is a two-way street, and today, there are four distinct generations working together shoulder-to-shoulder, each with a unique set of attitudes, values and work styles. Scott Zimmer, generational expert, explains the generational challenges facing every company. Enjoy a light-hearted, but important topic where you will walk away with a better understanding of generational preferences, motivators and actionable tips and strategies for how to get the most out of each generation. 

Speaker: Scott Zimmer, Director of Keynotes and Training at BridgeWorks

10:20 AM – 11:20 AM CT

The X, Y and Zers | A Firsthand Experience with Tomorrow’s Leaders

After hearing generation-expert Scott Zimmer in the previous session, dive deeper with a multi-generational panel as they discuss their experiences in the industry, what matters most to them and how the future workforce’s expectations are changing. A must-attend for anyone looking to work in the industry or leaders looking to attract and retain future top talent! 

Speakers: Tanya AndrienChief Operating Officer Allen Gilmer, Founder | Ashley Zumwalt-ForbesCo-Founder, President, and COO of Black Mountain Lindsey McCartyManaging Partner & COO, Selenite Energy Partners Donald G. BurdickCEO, Olifant Energy II Mark VivianoManaging Partner, Kimmeridge

11:30 AM – 12:20 PM CT

Production Drivers Impacting Your Wells Hear from your peers!

Speakers: Jesus Ochoa, Reed Stevens, Nick Tiedemann

Enverus is excited to have Transform users from Equinor share their recent project work alongside Enverus’ Nick Tiedemann. They will talk about today’s key challenges which Transform is helping to solve. You will see how Transform helps you enrich subsurface interpretations, determine what subsurface elements are driving production, visualize how subsurface data are spatially distributed, and more.

The Future of Oil, Gas and NGL Supply & Drilling Economics

Speakers: Sarp Ozkan, Senior Director, Energy Analysis

Where will oil, gas and NGL production for the next 5 years come from? What is the role of North America? What is the demand outlook for these commodities? What is the production forecast’s sensitivity to prices? Journey with us into the future where we will explore where oil, gas, & NGL production will come from over the next 5 years, what role North America will play, and how sensitive these forecasts are to price.

OFS PreCogs | Get Ahead of Operator Activity

Speakers: Mark Chapman, VP Intelligence

With increased market volatility and investor expectations, the oil and gas market has become proportionally more complex. Rig and permit counts alone are no longer the best leading indicators of activity. Listen to Enverus’ expert OFS analysts as they explore how you can leverage new technology solutions to get ahead of the curve and see activity before it happens. A can’t-miss session for OFS companies looking to significantly increase the impact of business development efforts!

Down to the Last Dollar | Leverage Powerful Analytics to Improve Operational Spend

Speakers: Akash Sharma, Sr. Analyst & Consultant |Shawn Stuart

With high reinvestment rates, fiscally responsible growth strategies and operational efficiency amongst its hallmarks, E&P companies across the board are driven to find the last “inefficient” dollar. In this Permian-focused session, we look at activity returning and how the largest and most complex basin deals with new challenges.

Where Are We Heading? | M&A in 2021

Speakers: Andy McConn, Co-Head, Commercial Intelligence

As oil prices continue to stabilize, the first half of 2021 could bring a substantial recovery for asset transactions. In this session, we discuss the different approaches when it comes to consolidation vs. acquisition, which basins have the most potential for activity, and where are the diamonds in the rough.

12:30 PM – 1:00 PM CT

Innovation Expo

Want to learn more about the Enverus solutions shown in presentations and/or Tech Workshop sessions? Explore the Innovation Expo to engage with Enverus experts to discuss key presentation themes, ask questions and/or download supporting material to take with you!   

1:00 PM – 1:50 PM CT

Evaluating Assets in 2021

Speakers: Riteja Dutta, Sr. Product Manager Strategy & Analytics

With 2020 significantly transforming the industry, companies are reassessing their development strategies for 2021. Hear about how rapidly you can generate reliable production forecasts, build confidence and de-risk decisions. The Enverus team will then provide a glimpse of the upcoming integration of Q Engineering and Prism platforms that will support full-field development! Witness how these solutions enable teams to run thousands of forecasts, in minutes, as well as improve the accuracy of type curves and PDP analyses.

Despite Sentiment, Infrastructure Opportunities Still Abound

Speakers: Amber McCullagh, Senior Vice President | Jesse Mercer, Senior Director, Crude Markets

Despite low commodity prices, opportunities still exist for new infrastructure. Journey with us as we explore new production profiles, the commodity mix, & demand centers to reveal how to strike while the iron is hot.

A Survivor’s Guide to Oilfield Volatility | OFS Edition

Speakers: Jonathan Godwin, Research Specialist Macro Fundamentals

With the ongoing pandemic, global crude demand has dropped by nearly 33%. The lack of activity has led to a historical negative impact on oilfield services companies’ ability to generate cash flow. Can the sector survive the near absence of work? Walk through how the unprecedented drop in drilling and completion activity has impacted OFS companies and how the right insight can keep your competitive edge.

Cost Savings in M&A | Insights for More Efficient Operations

Speakers: Dave Savelle, GM, Field Ticket | Akash Sharma, Sr. Analyst & Consultant

Driven by the potential of economies of scale, M&A has been increasing across the oil patch. Learn how best practices in data-driven decision-making, and digitalization and streamlining of operations maximizes cost savings in a new organization.

Mitigating Risks in Mineral Acquisitions

Speakers: Silas Martin, GM Land | Phillip Dunning, Sr. Manager Strategy

Sustained market uncertainty offers mineral buyers unprecedented opportunities. However, there are many risks associated with mineral buying. Learn how to recognize the risks and mitigation steps you can take in order to acquire minerals with confidence.

2:00 PM – 2:50 PM CT

Next-Gen Models | Predictive Models to Optimize Subsurface

Speakers: Nik Mouwen, Data Science Product Owner | Scott Malo, Data Science Product Owner | Abbie Rolf van den Baumen, Data Science Product Owner

Get a close-up into the industry’s leading predictive models that pinpoint the key completion and subsurface elements driving value. In this session, Enverus will highlight raw and new geo variables that help inform predictive models impacting the accuracy of any analysis. In addition, hear discussions on how to scope development and NAVs with Enverus’ Well Placement Optimization solution. This technology almost makes it look easy to conduct rapid inventory assessments, and increase efficiency and accuracy.

Changing Mix, Changing Needs | Oil vs. Gas

Speakers: Farzin Mou, Vice President | Hakan Corapcioglu, Sr. Energy Market Analyst

Gas demand hasn’t been hit as hard as liquids demand. However, less oil-directed drilling is leading to less associated gas production. Where are these declines from? What additional gas-directed activity is needed to make up for the associated declines? How much is needed and where will these new volumes come from? Hear the “latest-and-greatest” in the ever-changing oil vs. gas production mix.

Win/Win Opportunities | The Future of Digital Field Ticketing

Speakers: Dave Savelle, GM, Field Ticket | Brandon Chandler, Product Manager

Digitizing operational documents fosters collaboration between suppliers and operators and directly benefits both. Learn how Enverus’ innovative solution has optimized the field ticket process for more than 10,000 companies and is driving greater visibility into operations and lowering DSO.

Benchmarking the Oilfield | Regional Insights for Cost-Saving Strategies

Speakers: Jonathan Godwin, Research Specialist Macro Fundamentals | Akash Sharma, Sr. Analyst & Consultant

As the oilfield returns from an unprecedented downturn, activity is already returning in core areas. Regional markets are unique, making granular spend analysis essential to understand trends. In this session, we leverage deep market cost indices and the latest market activity to compare key growth basins and uncover insights and forecasts in various regions.

Modernizing Mineral Management| Digital Transformation of the Analogue Back Office

Speakers: Eliot Stone, Account Executive

Discover how automating your core back office workflows—including ROI analysis, revenue processing, and auditing – enable substantial cost reduction, increase agility and position your team for growth.

Thursday – February 18th, 2021 

Execute in 2021 – Hands-on Technology Workshops

9:00 AM – 10:00 AM CT

Untangling the Energy Industry of Tomorrow

Hear from Peter Zeihan, geopolitical analyst and author, as he gives his perspective on energy today and energy tomorrow. Zeihan explores why the world’s largest industry has a complex future tangled in everything from geopolitics, to trade, to where you live on the globe. It isn’t without risk, but the reward and opportunities could herald the greatest expansion in American power and security in the history of the Republic. 


Speaker: Peter Zeihan, Geopolitical Strategist 

10:15 AM – 11:15 AM CT

Technology & The Future Of (Endless) Energy Demand 

Policymakers and pundits are preoccupied today with how technology might reshape the future of energy supply. Meanwhile, hidden in plain sight, we are witnessing deep revolutions across the technology landscape that promise to substantially increase future energy demand. Mark Mills will examine the topic of peak demand in light of the energy implications arising from the top ten emerging disruptive technologies, from virtual reality and robotics to self-driving cars and drones. Mark will also explore the new energy technologies as they exist today and the limits of today’s applied science, including the breakthroughs that might still be needed to justify the hype. 

Speaker: Mark Mills, Senior Fellow, Manhattan Institute 

11:30 AM – 12:00 PM CT

Activity Economics

Speaker: Daniel Romero, Sr. Principal Consultant

In this session we will showcase and connect live operator activity with well economics.

Lowering Risk with Predictive Analytics

Speaker: Michael Whitney, Principal Consultant II

How to use predicted type curves to compress the range of possible forecasted outcomes as completion designs shift over time.

Quick and Easy Midstream Valuation

Speaker: Claire Mackenzie, Principal Consultant

In this session, learn how you can use Core to assess the economics of existing or a proposed pipeline system in any given area.

Making the Most of Your Mineral Portfolio

Speaker: Rob Zimmerman, Technical Advisor

Learn about the most useful workflows that allow for rapid, accurate management of mineral, royalty and non-operated interests at scale.

12:15 PM – 12:45 PM CT

An Intelligent Conversation About Current Affairs in Oil and Gas

Join us as a panel of world-class Enverus analysts present ideas and lead a forward-thinking discussion about current events based on recently published research. 

Speakers: Ian Nieober, Managing Director, CFA | Heather Leahey, Senior Associate | Ryan Luther, Vice President | Tom Liskey, Regional Manager, Americas

1:00 PM – 1:30 PM CT

Uncovering Opportunities Using Activity Analytics

Speaker: Sean Morgan, Managing Director of Client Care

Learn how to use an analytical approach in identifying OFS sales opportunities using pad clearing, rigs and fracture crews detection.

PDP Forecasting and Type Curve Generation with Q Engineering

Speaker: Calvin Caraway, Technical Advisor

This technology preview demonstrates the rapid, powerful type curve analysis workflows.

Competitor Intelligence and Benchmarking in Enverus Prism™

Speaker: Nick Crain, Principal Consultant

Breakdown the operational cycle time efficiencies, completions, production, break evens and economics, and the quality of acreage position.

Advanced Well Spacing Analysis

Speaker: Melissa Borup, Principal Consultant

How to use Enverus Prism ™ to evaluate how spacing impacts well performance and economics.

1:40 PM – 2:10 PM CT

Rapid Subsurface Evaluation

Speaker: Michael Whitney, Principal Consultant

A demonstration of what geologic uniqueness drives highly productive/economic results in an area, and how to identify similar assets.

PDP Cashflow and Future Growth

Speaker: Grant Byrnes, Senior Principal Consultant

Can PDP cashflow support growth? Discover if cash flow from PDP will be enough to support future growth.

Enverus Prism™ ESG Analytics

Speaker: Molly Swift, Principal Consultant

Dive into the most comprehensive ESG analytics including EPA GHG data, state flared volumes, public and proprietary ESG metrics, satellite methane and flared maps, and environmental fines.

Life After Paper: Get Paid Faster With Digital Field Tickets

Speaker: Brandon Chandler, Product Manager | Don Hoefer, Technical Solutions Director

Hear a case study on operational inefficiencies created by field ticket issues and the dramatic improvements resulting from Enverus’ FieldTicket technology.

2:20 PM – 2:50 PM CT

Visualize Multivariate Complexity in a Robust Geoscience/Engineering Platform

Speaker: Patrick Rutty, Technical Director & International Sales Team Lead

See how you can leverage Enverus’ Transform technology to pull in geologic, drilling, completions and reservoir management data to determine D&C best practices.

Enverus OpenInsights Solutions for End-to-End Optimized Oilfields

Speakers: Chris Smith, Director Analytic Operations | Don Hoefer, Technical Solutions Director

Dive into the power of Enverus’ newest solution as analysts reveal the substantial cost savings you didn’t know you were losing. Ideal session for both operators and service providers.

Rapid Record Research in Enverus Courthouse

Speaker: Rob Zimmerman, Technical Advisor

Get a glimpse into the workflows that empower the rapid record retrievals you need, all in a single, digital solution.