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Esri + Enverus

Extend mapping and analytics throughout the enterprise to realize the full potential of GIS


Esri and Enverus

ESRI develops geographic information systems (GIS) solutions that function as an integral component in nearly every type of energy organization. Enverus’ GeoData map and feature services are available based on Esri protocols. Leading energy companies around the world use the ArcGIS platform for mapping and spatial analysis to better manage resources as they increase production, optimize workflows, and mitigate risk.


Enverus GeoData Services

Get answers faster with DI GeoData Services’ GIS map layers and datasets delivered through a single source. Map layers and datasets quickly integrate into internal systems, allowing you to begin gathering insights immediately. Enverus regularly updates all GIS information and offers it in a single location, greatly reducing search, download, and database management time.

  • Customization: Maps can be customized as feature service users define customer symbols based on proprietary styles.
  • Interactive tools: Filter and sort data; export in a variety of formats using Esri tools.
  • Interoperability: Take advantage of geoprocessing with hundreds of Esri tools.
  • Real-time data streaming: Map layers are streamed to your applications in a uniform, geographic projection.
  • Automatic refresh: Because DI GeoData Services datasets refresh automatically, you have confidence that you’re working with the most current, accurate information.
  • One-stop shop: Multiple reported, derived, and interpreted datasets are available in one location.
  • Simple integration: Combine Enverus data with your proprietary land, geology, and engineering data to meet your unique needs.

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