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Drillinginfo Releases OptiFlo Gas to Capture Insights on the Constantly Changing Gas Market

Forecasting and modeling tool aimed at long-term supply and demand needs

Media Contact: Jon Haubert | 303.396.5996

Austin, TX (October 17, 2018) – Drillinginfo, the leading energy SaaS and data analytics company, announced the release of OptiFlo Gas, a new tool that incorporates operations research technology to create an optimization solution for natural gas forecasting and modeling.

“There is a constantly changing balance of the natural gas grid that directly impacts the market value of infrastructure assets,” said Rob McBride, Senior Director of Market Intelligence at Drillinginfo. “While there is a tremendous focus on oil in today’s market, natural gas affects it in every way. The ability to understand the economic impact of the changes of the natural gas grid is a valuable asset and Drillinginfo’s expertise in forecasting supply and demand for modeling is a request we regularly receive,” said McBride. “By creating this tool, we’re empowering corporate developers, commercial investors, and gas traders to forecast on an annual basis over a 25-year horizon to ensure the most profitable, long-term investments are made,” he said.

OptiFlo Gas draws from Drillinginfo’s strength in supply and demand forecasting and allows users to gain insight into the ever-changing balance of the natural gas grid that directly impacts the value of infrastructure assets.  The Midstream industry needs a powerful forecasting tool to determine the best scenarios and areas for long-term capital investments and OptiFlo allows companies to connect the dots between natural gas supply and demand to understand where the optimal value lies between where gas is produced and where gas is supplied.


Advantages of OptiFlo Gas:

  • Forward Looking: Forecast on an annual basis over a 25-year period
  • Flexible: Run models with customized inputs
  • Customizable: Run unlimited number of forecast scenarios for large multi-capital finance deals using DI preset inputs or customized inputs
  • Granular Analysis: Drill down to individual pipeline capacities, variable transport rates, and modeled gas flow
  • Confident decision making: Midstream companies need a powerful forecasting tool to determine the best places to make large, long term capital investments in pipelines



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