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Enverus delivers powerful decision-ready Canadian Analytics within an agile platform.


Make Rapid Decisions at the Speed of Thought.

Access Industry-Leading Analytics and Data Sets, including:

  • Liquids Corrected Production Data
    Leverage wellhead liquids reporting derived from proprietary algorithms
  • Completion Tour Reports
    Analyze completion details at the stage and cluster level
  • Parent-Child, Co-Completed Well Tagging
    Leverage our 4D spacing model to scrutinize the temporal component in well spacing
  • Mapped Geology and Petrophysical Properties
    Clean well level data ready for multivariate analysis
Align strategic thinking with operational execution

Improve collaboration across disciplines with Enverus’ single-solution technology platform

Identify Viable Opportunities

Find sweet spots in Canada and/or the L48 with information and consistent methodologies across North America

Benchmark Assets to North American Stage

Maintain tabs on the competitive North American landscape to best position assets to attract your investor’s interest





Why Industry Peers Trust Enverus

Ease of Use and Agile Technology


Enverus provides a single source of truth for all disciplines to access. Complete key workflows anywhere and in just a few clicks!

Depth and Scope of Data Sets


Prism houses operational, geologic and economic data sets all in one place. We have North American coverage, with more than 5.7MM wells in our platform.

Dedicated Partner


Enverus’ dedicated team is here to support you every step of the way! Our team ensures adoption of your team and colleagues, as well adds additional insights to your decisions.
Learn how your peers are leveraging Enverus to maintain a competitive edge.

Next Level Operations with Enverus Technology

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Canadian Oil and Gas Well Numbers

Canadian Oil and Gas Well Numbers

Several weeks ago I wrote about US Well Numbers and the basics of how they are numbered and who numbers them along with the standards committee that sets the rules. Today I’m writing about the Canadian system which is very different from the US but as a geologist I...

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