Suppliers: Shorten Invoice Processing Times and Improve Internal Reporting

Invoice management is challenging for suppliers in oil & gas. 
Non-compliance with pricing, duplicate invoices, paper invoices, and other roadblocks result in slow approval times, over payment, late payments, or missing invoices. Also, most accounting management software, like QuickBooks for example, doesn’t cater to the very unique accounting needs of oil & gas companies. Paper invoices definitely don’t help your process either!
Read this case study to learn how one major supplier implemented OpenInvoice as their accounts payable software, streamlining their entire payables process through automation. With OpenInvoice, the supplier shortened invoice processing times, gained visibility into accruals, eliminated paper and duplicate invoices, and automated pricing compliance. 
If you thought OpenInvoice was just an accounts payable solution for operators, you’re wrong!

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 2019.9 Business Automation – OpenInvoice Supplier Case Study