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Bundles & Benefits: Drillinginfo Releases MarketView Fundamentals, The New Edge for Marketing Desks, Traders & Analysts

Single source platform bundles proprietary data with quantitative and qualitative market commentary and analysis

Media Contact: Jon Haubert | 303.396.5996

Austin, TX (October 2, 2018) – Drillinginfo, the leading energy SaaS and data analytics company, announced today the release of MarketView Fundamentals, a single source platform built with proprietary data, market insights, and powerful analytics tools to improve traders and analysts’ trading and investment decisions.

 “Analysts and commodity traders require a strong mix of quantitative and qualitative data along with powerful analytics tools in order to generate the best day-to-day results,” said Bernadette Johnson, Vice President of Market Intelligence at Drillinginfo. “Because Drillinginfo’s expertise in forecasting production and demand for oil and gas, as well as electricity market load, is highly sought after, MarketView Fundamentals will be the first step in delivering a bundle of expertise directly to the MarketView desktop workstation,” said Johnson.

The goal of MarketView Fundamentals is to provide analysts and traders with proprietary qualitative and quantitative data in order to give them an edge when trading commodities. MarketView Fundamentals also delivers access to powerful analytics tools, allowing analysts to derive insight into market dynamics and production more quickly, maximizing day to day performance.

As a part of the unveiling, Johnson also announced that MarketView clients will now have access to Drillinginfo’s ‘best in class’ forecasting and analytics software tools. These proprietary datasets and tools are exclusively offered on the MarketView platform, providing a unique edge over competing desktop solutions in the energy space.

“This marks a pivotal chapter for Drillinginfo as we we’re now able to help users manage their data through a single source. At this point, there is hardly a need to hop between datasets or providers,” said Johnson. “Advanced analytics tools allow analysts to derive insight into market dynamics and production, in order to maximize day to day performance. Everything can be accessed through a single platform to allow faster, more in-depth analyses,” she said.

The announced bundled options are likely to appeal to a variety of interests across the energy chain, including marketing desks, commodity traders and analysts, as well as power/energy traders.

MarketView Fundamentals Bundles & Benefits

DI ProdCast

Performs in-depth scenario analysis of forecasted production by basin, field, and operator.

DI WellCast Analyzes portfolios of wells from any Area of Interest. Generating PDP/PUD volumes and associated economics.
DI OptiFlo Gas Conducts modeling and forecasting analysis of the natural gas supply and demand grid over a 25 year period.
DI Rig Analytics Leverages real-time GPS data on 95 percent of the United States rig fleet to make better investment and business decisions.
FundamentalEdge Reports In-Depth market fundamental analyses and forward-looking reports covering the Oil, Natural Gas, and NGL markets.
PRT Reports Proprietary ISO Load, Wind, and Solar forecasts with market commentary updated multiple times daily.


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