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Whiting ups their total number of gross wells in Sanish field


Whiting Petroleum released their third quarter 2010 results last week and reported that they have increased their total number of gross operated wells for the Sanish field by 152, from 382 to 534 gross wells.  The increase was based on the results of microseismic data and reservoir pressure monitoring for the Bakken and Three Forks reservoirs.  Around 83 of those 152 wells are planned to be “wing wells”, which are short lateral wells, and are expected to have 7,500-foot laterals.  These wells will be drilled primarily in the northeast and southwest part of the Sanish field on 1,280-acre units.

Whiting averaged 27,385 Boe/d in the Bakken play, 22,275 Boe/d from the Sanish and 5,110 Boe/d from Parshall.  In the Sanish field the Company currently has 9 drilling rigs and 7 workover rigs and has completed 51 Bakken wells and 6 Three Forks wells this year bringing the total number of operated wells to 123 in the field.  The 51 Bakken wells have an average initial production of 2,541 Boe/d and the 6 Three Forks average 1,433 Boe/d.  Whiting attributes additional frac stages to the higher IPs this year in the Sanish, averaging 20 per well as opposed to the typical 10 stages prior to 2010.

In the Parshall field Whiting has drilled the majority of their Bakken locations and will slow down development of Three Forks with a 1 rig program.  Whiting has participated in 129 wells in the Parshall field as of October 15, 2010.

For more information visit the Whiting folder under Operators in the Bakken Unconventional Update in DI’s DNA.

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