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Where Are The Big Louisiana Haynesville Wells?


Of the 632 Louisiana Haynesville wells designated by the LA DNR, only 32 have reached 3 Bcf or higher.  There are quite a few Chesapeake wells with over 2.75 Bcf, but none over 3.  In fact, of the 32 wells with 3+ Bcf, 21 are Petrohawk or KCS (KCS and Petrohawk merged back in 2006 or so).

Here is a map showing only the leases with 3+ Bcf cum or higher.  A sweetspot exists based on these wells in Bossier and northern Red River Parish.  Coincidentally, this area is dominated by Petrohawk and Petrohawk subsidiary KCS.  This first map is colored by operator and bubbled by cumulative produced gas.

Here is the same map except colored by Field and bubbled by maximum monthly gas produced.

Half of the 3+ Bcf wells are out of Elm Grove and Thorn Lake.  I  thought there would be more of these high cum wells but apparently there has not been enough time.  Only 9 of these wells came on in 2008, the rest came on from Jan 09 – Oct 09.

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