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Where Are The Best Eagle Ford Wells?


Studying short term cumulative production (6 month, 12 month, etc.) is something we do all the time.  Although we understand that ultimate recoverables is paramount, often times in unconventional plays there simply is not enough data to accurately project them.  Much can be gleaned from studying short term cums.   For example, there is an extremely high coefficient of determination between MaxIP and 6, 12, 24 month cums, something like .85.

Here, I thought I would share one of our rankings.  We sort the wells on 6-month cumulative production (BOE, 15;1).  For this entry, I took out the RRC oil leases due to the fact they report on the lease level.  Although we do include pending data (well level oil), a significant amount of oil wells are left out.  All the dry and most of the wet gas wells are included.    The operator that is most affected is EOG.  Although they have a total of 183 producers as of this data set, only 22 have 6 months cums and are reported on the well level.  After we sort, we simply divide the wells into quartiles.  Upper, 2nd, 3rd and Bottom.

Here are the resutls on map…

Here is a table of the operators with the highest percentage of their wells represented in the Upper Quartile.

I would post the full results here for many unconventional plays, but that is available to ESP clients only.  I always enjoy discussing with you guys via email or comment.

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