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What You Wanted Vs. What We Have Done So Far 2010…


In January, we polled each of you and asked “what one thing can we do to make us better?”  Since we are now in May, I thought it time to give a periodic update.

1.  Include more old production data in the BASIC membership: Full historical cumulative production volumes are now available instead of cumulative volumes since regulatory agency source date.  Monthly production numbers are still restricted to TOPDI and PLUS members.

2. Print Better Maps: We now have a robust map labeling system (you all are labeling and printing 2000 big maps per month) and we just released “PDF Map”, which appears as a hyperlink on the right side above the map.  All layers displayed in the map should appear in the PDF map and will include Color Code/Histogram legends.  These PDF’s can be scaled for plotter size since they are vector files (except for the aerial photos, where you might see lower resolution) and can be used with graphics programs, including Adobe Acrobat to add you own legends and additional data.

3. Increase Truncation Default: Released January 15.  Default raised from 250 to 1000.

4. Add Water Production in Texas: Using the estimated water production from our allocated well production, we’ve rolled up the values on a monthly basis to the lease level and that data is now available to all members.

5.  Free RRC Logs and Reduced Log Prices: As always, PLUS members have access to all raster and depth registered logs in our database, now over 1 million strong.  BASIC members can now access RRC logs at no additional charge and all other raster logs are $4.00.

6. Add More Logs: 187k Louisiana well logs have been added, more coming soon.

7. Add Link to “Related Filings Page” from Virtual Scout Table View:  Released March 20.

8.  Add Unit Tract outlines for Panola and Harrison Counties: Released March 20.

9.  Make an Easy to Print Multiple Well Files: Two answers here.  In the “tools” dropdown in a Production Search result, the PDF generated will include the well header and production charts for the wells selected.  Option Two:  We released the bulk Well Report Generator for ALL members.  This prints out a full well report for all wells chosen.

10. Assign a Person to Implement Our Suggestions: Meet Steve Suehs!   A hell of a nice guy and developer extraordinaire.  Your wish is his command…


11.  Better Charting and Decline Curve Analysis: Production decline curves in our BETA are substantively more powerful and manipulatable.  In addition, they contain an “automatic” best-fit decline curve analysis that generates when you select a point on the curve.  This can be adjusted by clicking within the intital rate, b factor, or initial decline input forms and using your up and down key to animate.  Pretty cool.


12.  More Timely Data: Frankly, this one stumped us.  We are generally in front of everyone else.  We have begun to work on a project for the rest of the US to try to find data more and more quickly, but we are only as good as the reporting schedules.

13.  “More Leasing” and “Add PA Leasing”: We are collecting PA leases, data forms are being finalized.  We will notifty you shortly of coverage areas as released.  We have added 6 counties in our regular coverage area since the first of the year and have Land Tracts in 208 counties and parishes.

14.  Add Completion Data for the Rest of the States:  Project is launched.  Expect to see states added throughout the next twelve months.

15.  Add Query and Download Cability on Completion Technique Detail such as Frac Types, Volumes, Proppants: We are working on Unconventional Horizontal Plays to begin with and that data will be available to PLUS members without restriction and Unconventional Play Platform members with download restrictions.

16.  Simple CSV (Excel) Download For Lease Level Production: Well by well is available already,  Bulk download is in queue.

17.  Search By Radius Using API: Available already in “Well Search” wizard, but not intuitively obvious.  Redesign to make clear.

18.  Provide Count of Available Logs and Docs in Well Table View: Currently in testing.  Using the “Well Search”, select the columns “well document count” and “well log count”.

19:  Improved Maps, More User-Friendly Map Interface: Project in progress to make maps more GIS/Google like.

20:  Easier Search Wizard/More Friendly/Fewer Clicks: Initial work has begun, landing page simplified.  Watch this over the next few months.

21:  Improved Performance/Faster Speeds/Fewer Timeouts: Huge server upgrade  currently and changing hosting facility.  ETA is late July/early August for final deploy of the Steve Austin Drillinginfo.  You know, Better, Faster, Stronger.  And married to Farrah Fawcett Majors.

22.  Make Table Columns Float As You Scroll: Still haven’t done this.  You have to have something to hate…

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Allen Gilmer

Allen Gilmer is the Co-founder, Chairman and CEO of Drillinginfo. Allen is active in all aspects of Drillinginfo’s new product development and is widely recognized for his industry leadership and vision. He holds several patents in the field of multi-component seismology. He received his Bachelor of Arts in Geology from Rice University and his Master of Science in Geology from The University of Texas at El Paso. Follow him on Twitter @allengilmer.