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What is Going On Around Gonzales and Eastward? Forest, ZaZa, Penn…


There have been many recent discussions about the eastern extent of economic Eagle Ford oil.  I have spoken with many individuals with first hand knowledge of leasing activity in counties such as Lavaca and Fayette.  I want to investigate the area near Gonazales County and provide some basic permit and production maps.

First is a map of Gonzales, Lavaca, Dewitt and Fayette producers coming online since 1/1/2010, colored by max monthly liquids.  Apparent is the  Dewitt County sweet spot we have documented many times in this blog.  Not only are there very high liquids volumes, but present is a significant gas-drive mechanism supporting it.  Max Monthlys on the order of 3 MMcf/D + 1000 BC/D.  The wells across the Gonazales line are the EOG oil wells, specifically the Marshall and surrounding leases. Speaking of the Marshall lease, I’ll also show an updated permitted well location map of those EOG wells right below.  The Fayette producers are Austin Chalk coming in at comparibly modest IPs (about 150-200 BOPD) and no producers in Lavaca.


Now here are permits since 1/1/2010.  I excluded the EOG permits in large part because I have blogged on them so many times readers of this blog have seen it a hundred times.  So here are 83 permits with Eagle Ford specified.

Quite a few interesting things here.  The ZaZa permits in Lavaca are new as of March.  They are permitting in a highly prospective area in NW LaSalle, also blogged on earlier, and I believe they are in a JV with a certain large E&P company that began spudding late last year.  Southern Bay has permitted in Fayette.  Forest and Penn Virginia are exploring updip of the EOG wells.

We have nice internal isopach thickness and depth maps generated using Sequence Stratigraphy for this area available to our clients and the findings are substantial.

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