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Well Report Generator


What if I were to tell you that Drillinginfo offers a tool where you can view mapping, production, and graphing information bundled into one? Interested?

One of the most fascinating and useful products which seems to go unnoticed far too often is the Well Report Generator. This feature provides you with production, mapping, and graphing information for up to 100 wells within a single PDF document. We know it can be an arduous task to copy/paste graphs which coincide with production information, along with the mapped location and surrounding offset wells. Confused yet? Try the Well Report Generator.

Go to the Search Wizard Home and run a well search (production, permit, and completions work as well) for either one API, or an area of your choice. Once you get to your table view, click the “Check All” button, and go to the “Downloads & Tools” section at the upper-right hand part of the screen. Select the “Tools” dropdown box (not to be confused with the Tools tab), and “Well Report Generation”.

(Click image to enlarge.)

Wait approximately 31.48 seconds, and an automated Drillinginfo e-mail will come to your inbox. Click on the hyperlink and voila – you will have a PDF containing every well you downloaded, along with a CSV file which shows various production information.

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